Getting started

Working with the site structure and with basic settings

Pages section

1. Dropdown menu "Add to the site"

Button-menu for creating all kinds of pages and elements on the site. When you click on it, a list with options for pages opens:

  • Album. Page for photos and videos.

  • Gallery of albums. Combines multiple albums or sliders.

  • Composite page. A page with random content: contacts, services, about yourself, etc.

  • Splash page. A banner with one photo or a slider with many photos.

  • Blog. News, articles, etc.

  • Lending. A page without logotype, menu and footer.

  • Shooting announcements.

  • Feedback page. List of reviews, where you can add new ones.

  • Drop-down menu. A group of subpages in the menu.

  • Link. Any link in the menu to a page, phone or external site.

2. List of pages

A general tree-like list of all pages, links and submenus of your site, including hidden ones.

In the same way, you can change the order in the side menu:

3. Display in the menu

Turn off the page display to hide pages from the menu.

Page options

Options for managing the page.

  • Make the page the Home page on the site.

  • Copy the current page.

  • Move page to submenu.

  • Share a page on social networks or copy the direct link.

  • Delete the page.

Cloud drive

Just upload the photos and send the customer a link to view and download them. Clients will be happy to share the link with their friends.

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